The Benefits of Chia Seeds

10 Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Many health benefits of chia seeds. Did you know “chia” is the ancient Mayan word for “strength”? Chia seeds are a great source of important nutrients and is a low-carb friendly food. The image below lists 10 reasons you should consider adding chia seeds to your diet.


3 Tips on Buying Chia Seeds

  • Whole Seeds (instead of ground chia seeds) – Omega-3 fats and vitamins are better protected in whole seeds. If you prefer ground seeds, you can grind them yourself using a hand-held pepper mill.
  • Organic or Chemical-free chia seeds – Best quality and good for you.
  • Larger quantities – Save money by buying a quantity you can consume before the expiration date. Or ask your friends or family if they want to go in on the bulk purchase.

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Note: People with a history of dysphagia or esophageal restrictions should consult with their physician before taking chia seeds especially in their dry form.

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