5 Ways to Survive Summer Festivals


5 Ways to Survive Summer Festivals – Healthy Eating Choices

It is that time again….. Summer festivals every weekend until September! They can be fun, memorable, and TERRIBLE FOR YOUR DIET!!! Luckily, you have your buddy Ricky to give you some words of advice before you embark on complete self-destruction through grease, and wheat grains!


1. Eat a Healthy Meal Before You Go- Knowing that many many calories await, eat a fibrous, filling meal, that will make you think twice about eating large quantities of low quality food. Note- If you have little self control, I do not recommend this one as you will just be eating more calories in the end

2. Plan Ahead- As most of you know, making personal goals to eat healthy or limit ones drinks almost always leads to better decision making, so plan ahead by looking at what healthy food options are available, and giving yourself a drink limit!

3. Limit the Number of Festivals You Attend- This is the best strategy to avoid plaguing your diet this summer! I would recommend attending summer festivals, at the most, 4 times this summer, but less is better! You are far less likely to fail on the results you have worked so very hard for, and you will save a boatload of cash if you only attend a few festivals this summer! Think about it!

4. Bring Cash, and No Cards- A great way to limit what you eat and drink is to bring a limited amount of cash, and no credit or debit cards. Money burns up fast at summer festivals, and bringing only enough to enjoy a few things guarantees you will not be able to go past what you had originally planned (remember #2?)

5. Set a Step Goal- One positive about summer festivals is there is usually a lot of walking associated with them! Use this to your advantage by setting a step goal of 10,000 plus! If possible, save the steps for after indulgence, this will really help your body digest and burn up the foods you’ve eaten much quicker!

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