5 Ways to Stay Ahead of Fall Weight Gain



1. Record Your Food Intake on a Food Log- Its no secret that writing everything you eat down and compiling your overall numbers stops you from over indulgence. I recommend myfitnesspal.com, but just writing what you eat on a notepad can be helpful when done correctly!

2. Get Outdoors- Our dormant season comes next, so take advantage of the nice fall weather by taking a hike, going to an apple orchard, or a nice long bike ride! Fall season is truly the nicest for outdoor exercise so make it a priority to get out there!

3. Get on a Regular Routine- Choose a specific time each day to exercise, and stick with it! With the days getting shorter soon, your desire to head home after work may be hard to fight, so make a mindful commitment to go to the gym at the same time everyday and make it a priority to stick with it for 28 days(so it becomes a habit). When winter comes you will be happy you did this.

4.Consume Homemade Soup- Make homemade soups and focus on good nutrition. Look for a high carb vegetable and lean meat to satisfy your urge to pack on winter pounds. Use low sodium broth to prevent water retention.

5. Walk After Dinner- Make a commitment to go on a 30 minute walk after dinner until the weather becomes too much to handle. The added movement will enable you to digest your food as well as keep you focused on staying active when the days get shorter.

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