10 Ways to Stay Positive in 2019

Its a New Year, and you’re probably trying to right bad habits, like many people do this time of year! You can stay aligned with your goals by maintaining a positive mindset! A positive attitude will carry you through hard days, keeping you on the path to your goals! Below are 10 ways you can stay positive in 2019! Take a look and keep these in mind, as you move forward with your week and year!


  1. Focus on positive self-talk

    Research has shown both instructional and motivational self-talk has been shown to enhance performance. Positive self talk is this personal mental conversation with a shiny and bright attitude towards your life and yourself. Positive talk is not about creating a perfect and unmistakable vision of us but taking reality and making it look optimistic. By doing so in the proper way according to our own needs and psychology, we nurture a positive predisposition to boost the “good” to star always above the “feeling-good” line.

  2. Learn to positively compare yourself to others

    Highly self-aware people take the best version of themselves as the goal to be achieved.

    Although people estimated their abilities on the basis of their own performance in a rational manner, their estimates of themselves are also partly merged with the performance of others. Social comparison is hardwired into our brains. As a natural process is meant to be good as far as other’s achievements and traces are positively emulated as a booster for our own betterment. 

  3. Focus on those things that you can change and control

    Any other movement is a lack of energy and resources and just leads to frustration.  Thinking big is a must. But transforming dreams and wishes into successfully achieved goals requires to actively and wisely invest our strengths. It is essential to learn how to let it go when needed accepting what we can not impact and focusing on this that we can mold. Just believable and realistic goals are successful goals.

  4. Do not strive for perfection

    “The best is the enemy of the good”

    Although it is not always well understood, there is a vast difference between striving for excellence and demanding perfection. Striving for excellence is the confident desire of free beings that perform actions with the aim of fully develop their inner talents and potential. Perfectionism is a trait that makes life an endless report card on accomplishments mainly focused on avoiding failure. Striving for excellence requires a focus on love while perfectionism is instead concentrated on self-love or fear. 

  5. Embrace your mistakes and learn from them

    Yes! We all do bad. And whenever not intentionally, it is an unavoidable part of our ‘learning for better’ process. Be humble to accept that this can also happen to you. Be brave enough to say sorry. Be strong enough as to start over.

  6. Enjoy small stuff

    It is the beauty of the little things that makes the difference between a life and a well-enjoyed life. Children are happy by nature because they know how to play with sticks and why to follow the butterflies. Is with little things that you become more aware of the present instant and thou, thankful for all what it is.

  7. Do things that you really enjoy

    But do not get it wrong. Finding your passions and following them is nothing about immediate pleasure or irrationally following just the heart in our inner decision-making process. Intelligence choices are those ones that chose among good things that fit us better as they are based on our strengths and natural talents. To really enjoy what we do, we should do what it is right and in the right way. As beings striving for excellence, we enjoy what make as better. So, find all these that make your best and start doing a lot of it.

  8. Do regular exercise

    Speaking about personal development and exercising appears always as easily correlated. In the life path for individual growth, all available support is needed. And regular exercising makes the way much easier. With a positive physiological impact in your brain through toxins elimination, it helps both body and mind to keep in good shape.

  9. Be helpful

    Is by helping others that we develop great awareness of our own value and of those things that really matter. It goes further from a just feeling well as studies have found that helping others has tangible benefits, both mental and physical. And it goes beyond the act of volunteering. Altruism in many forms, from donating money to just random acts of kindness, have been shown to light up the same reward centers of the brain associated with food. Helping others is a natural high our brains are wired for and a handy way to comprehend our worth.

  10. Surround yourself with positive people

    Happiness and positive attitude are contagious. Negativity is an energy drainer and highly contagious too. Be sure you pick the right kind of people to associate with!

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