How Peak Physiques 30 Day Biggest Loser Challenge will have you ready for Summer.

Are you frustrated with not making any progress in the gym?

If so, you have probably tried to get into a routine again, and again, but nothing has worked. Every time you have gotten started, something has pulled you away. Not anymore! Read ahead to learn more about how you can regain your health!


Have your previous attempts at getting in shape fallen short? Are you tired of being disappointed where you are physically? Do you want to feel good about yourself again?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above the Biggest Loser Challenge might be exactly what you’ve been missing. Your time struggling to reach your potential could come to an end just by taking the approach described below. Take a look! Stop making half-effort attempts at lifestyle change. You need to take real action if you want to better yourself! Read up!

  1. The Biggest Loser Challenge Makes you Commit- Fact is motivation doesn’t last, once that wears off, you will need something to hold you accountable. For 30 days I will ask you to put your health and fitness on the top of your list of priorities and will not allow you to quit. After you’ve successfully completed the 30 days, exercise will be more of a habit, making you much more likely to commit to the long term process, which is where you will see really amazing changes in yourself!

  2. You Receive Diet Coaching- Seeing results and losing weight is 80% about your nutrition, and 20% about how you exercise. Taking the correct approach, initially, is crucial. Peak Physique provides its Biggest Loser Contestants with a easy and effective 30 day diet that is surely to send your weight down quickly, all while improving your health.

  3. Workouts are Planned for You-Most of us don’t have a clue how to write a workout that leads to long term results, and a lot of us have no taking the time to learn. In the Biggest Loser Challenge you put that responsibility into a coaches hands which means you get more effective workouts and all you have to do is show up and crush it. For 30 days you will have UNLIMITED ACCESS to the best fitness classes in West Allis! If you are busy or lack the knowledge on exercise science, put your efforts in the hands of a professional and have some fun getting results.

  4. You Will Work Harder with a Coach and Group to Push You- A good coach can push you to work hard and will also encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. The energy of a group working hard towards the same goal is contagious. There is simply something motivating about working hard with a group! When you work out on your own its very likely you won’t push yourself in the same fashion. Having the encouragement of a great motivator and a group of like minded people will spring you to levels you wouldn’t believe you could reach.

  5. You Will Make Friends- Along the way to accomplishing the task of kicking ass for 30 days, you will find you have developed a relationship with the other challengers! A healthy relationship like a workout buddy is something we all could use to become the best version of ourselves.


Now that you’ve learned about how to take a hold of your health before summer gets here, its time for you to make a decision! Do you want to take action and join a program that has been proven to work? Peak Physique had its last Biggest Loser Challenge in January and the 5 individuals who are still committed to working out at Peak have lost a total of 68 pounds! So if you are tired of constantly starting over again and never getting results, please click ahead and lets get on track to a great summer!

Biggest Loser Challenge Starts April 22nd!

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