Beat Obesity with These 4 Tips by Jason Lewis

Think of obesity as a condition. It is not who you are, but something you currently have to deal with. Like other conditions, it takes treatment and time to overcome. Read up to learn more.

Beat Obesity with These Four Tips


Think of obesity as a condition. It is not who you are, but something you currently have to deal with. Like other conditions, it takes treatment and time to overcome.


One thing you can do to combat obesity is to change the way you eat. This doesn’t mean an overhaul or losing things you love. The best diet is balanced and is not focused on punishing or withholding. If you deny yourself all forms of “fun” foods that you enjoy, you will eventually relapse and perhaps binge. Don’t be afraid to eat out, but try to avoid overly fattening foods, such as fried or breaded meals.

If you are eating a relatively fattening, high-calorie meal, consider saving half immediately to not eat it all in one sitting. Don’t make large changes simultaneously, either. If you’re cutting back on sugar, processed foods, and foods full of unhealthy fats, make the transition gradually. Instead, rotate the days you eat your new diet. For instance, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, eat healthily, but then the rest of the week, eat moderate amounts of your usual diet. You can remove days as you progress to eat your favorite but less healthy foods less frequently, but you don’t have to ditch them altogether.

If you need help getting your diet and nutrition on the right track, Medicare now offers a diabetes prevention program that provides educational classes about diabetes over the span of six months. In addition to teaching you weight-loss strategies, the program also delves into tips on how to exercise and work out to help you manage your weight.

Working Out

The gym can be an intimidating place. If you have a membership or feel confident frequenting one, exercising at a gym can be excellent way to burn calories and gain muscle. What’s more, if you’re enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans through insurance companies like Anthem Blue Cross, you’ll have access to SilverSneakers and wellness programs without any additional fees. However, if you don’t have a membership or you don’t feel comfortable attending a gym, there are fun ways to exercise at home or around your neighborhood. It does not take much to do a meaningful and enjoyable workout at home. Get some inexpensive basics, a Swiss ball, resistance bands, or kettlebells, and you are on your way. The most important part of creating the habit of working out is to find an enjoyable routine. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different things until you find something fun. You’re much more likely to stick with something if you enjoy it.


Rest is something that many people neglect, but it is an integral part of taking care of yourself and staying healthy. When we start our journey to health, often we dive in with everything we have, but then burn out after a short amount of time. Make sure to take a rest day during the week where you don’t work out. To get to a truly happy state, it is important to learn how to quiet that nagging voice in the back of your mind. 

If you want to lose weight and gain strength, your body physically needs time off to be able to rebuild itself. Your mind will need a day where you spend time relaxing and just doing things you enjoy. Rather than focusing solely on progress, devote your time to wellness-focused actions. Yes, that includes exercise, healthy fuel, but also doing things you love, getting enough sleep and, hopefully, lots of laughter along the way.

Mental Health

One of the hardest aspects of overcoming obesity is understanding any mental health issues behind it. Being obese does not necessarily mean we suffer from a disorder, but there are many links between obesity and various disorders. If you suffer from an eating disorder, it is likely because of pressure in society to conform to unrealistic body standards. Depression, anxiety and the after-effects of trauma, such as PTSD, are all linked to obesity.

To really begin to focus on losing weight, it is important to address these issues. If not, you may find yourself running through a cycle, and making little to no progress. Therapy may be hard, but it is important to make real change.

There are many reasons to defeat obesity. Your health, the quality of your life and your happiness are paramount. Don’t let your weight define how you live, and know that you can make a change.


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