Strategies for Eating Out

Strategies for Eating Out Safely
Eating out is a constant challenge for most people and having some good strategies can really help you avoid overeating! Check these out and take what you like!
1. Walk from home or the office. Pick a restaurant that's a 10- or 15-minute walk. You'll get your meal, 30 minutes of physical activity and avoid the parking hassles. 2. Walk with family or friends. Get moving as a group before or after eating. A brisk walk before a meal gives you time to chat. A stroll afterward helps your digestion. 3. Walk inside instead of driving through. Park your car in the lot and walk inside to get your fast food order. And, make fast food an occasional treat rather than a daily habit.· 4. Start with a small serving such as a cup of soup, a junior burger or a small order of fries. If you are still hungry, order something else. 5. Indulge your inner child: order a kid's meal at a fast-food restaurant. Many now offer a choice of low-fat milk and fruits or vegetables instead of fries. 6. Save your steak twice as much. Eat half at the restaurant, then take the other half home to enjoy it sliced onto a green salad or as a sandwich on whole-grain bread. 7. Ask for a to-go box as soon as your meal is served. Put half your food into the container for a second meal. That's two meals for the price of one. 8. Share from start to finish. Order one appetizer for the whole table and then order one dessert with multiple forks. Sometimes, just a bite or two is perfect. 9. Share an entrée. You can ask your server to split the meal in the kitchen or divide it up yourselves at the table. 10. Instead of a large entrée, order an appetizer and a leafy green salad or choose two appetizers for a meal.