Why Yoga?

Yoga with Jodi

By now you have probably noticed Peak Physique is offering Yoga 2 times a week, and you make have asked yourself, "Why Yoga"? For most of you Yoga is not something you have tried or every saw yourself trying, but if you are not doing Yoga or some form of stretching for at least 20 minutes a week, you are losing flexibility by the week. Lets take a look at some of the major benefits of Yoga

Yoga makes you relax

Chances are, if you are reading this, you have stress! Yoga is a great way to relax and remove yourself from the stress of your everyday life. The deep breathing, constant energy focus, and relaxed environment cause you to set aside the things that make you most anxious, while giving you the focus attack your stressors successfully  after class.

Yoga improves flexibility

Its a fact, if you lift weights and don't stretch a lot, you have tight muscles. The stress that resistance training puts on muscles causes tension and without deep stretching your flexibility could drop significantly. doing Yoga or some deep form of stretching for at least 30 minutes 2 times a week can make a significant improvement in overall flexibility.

Yoga improves energy and vitality

Deep breathing and energy focus are the keys factors in improved energy and vitality! During a normal day we tighten our breathing and take shallow breaths that don't provide your body with the amounts of oxygen it requires to operate at an optimal level. Forced breathing in Yoga puts this issue to rest in just 1 session, leaving you feeling healthier and more energetic.

Yoga compliments our other workouts well

If you're a member of Peak Physique you already know, the workouts are challenging, and weights are used a great deal. This is the reason I brought in a pro like Jodi Cummings! Her focus is on rehabilitative Yoga that restores flexibility and heals micro-tears in your muscles!

Yoga is great for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

If you've had an injury or currently have an imbalance that may cause injury, it is important that you address the issue carefully, working to strengthen and regain range of motion in the joint or muscle with the issue. Again, Jodi focuses on Yoga that heals and improves flexibility which is exactly what you need to heal and prevent injuries!


That sums it up people! If you are an exerciser Yoga is a must! Numbers haven't been great in Yoga so far and that shouldn't be because we all need it! Stop by Peak Physique this upcoming Saturday at 11 a.m., say you read this article to me, and I will give you half off the cost of class($5)! Hope to see you there!