What is the Right Diet for Me?


First of all, let me say, I am not a fan of the word "diet"! I believe the correct way to look at a modification of your eating habits should be as a "lifestyle change". Meaning the intention of your change in eating habits is geared toward a eliminating bad habits forever.

Neglecting yourselves of certain foods with the intention of reintroducing those foods later on, commonly known as a "diet" will only bring you back to where you currently are, and this approach usually leads to failure rather quickly.  Below are a list of ways you can modify your diet habits that are effective when done correctly.

  1. Diet Logging- "If you bite it you right it" this approach makes you think twice about the foods you eat because you have to own up for it when you write it down on your log. If you want to take this approach, I recommend myfitnesspal.com. The website will give you caloric guidelines and all of your daily values for sodium, fat, carbohydrates, protein, etc.
  2. The Paleo Diet- Paleo eating is healthy, when done correctly and is very effective in complimenting your goals whether you are trying to lose or gain weight which is amazing! The Paleo diet is all about clean eating and its pretty simple: If a caveman could eat it, so can you! Go to http://www.paleoplan.com to learn more!
  3. The Whole30- The whole30 revolves around 30 days of clean eating followed by introducing better diet habits after the completion of the 30 days. I have seen people get great results from this plan and I am a big fan! Not only will this approach improve your nutrition but it will also make you healthier! Give it a try!
  4. Carb Cycling- Carb cycling is a great approach as long as you are following the guideline closely and you aren't eating high fat meats. If you take this approach your high protein days should be abundant in veggie protein, lean meats, and fish! Also permission to eat carbs isnt permission to eat loads of refined sugar.

Best of luck with this daily battle! I hope you can reach your goals and you can enjoy the process as you go about it! If you need some professional help with the process please follow the link below and we can get you set up at Peak Physique!