Change Your Habits, Change Your Life


If you are buff, organized, rich, perfectly healthy and happily living off of 4 hours of sleep a night, this article isn't for you! If what was just described is the absolute opposite of you, then please, read on! Every day you are exposed to at least 5 different solicitations or news articles claiming a better path to good health or weight loss, most of which are complete B.S.. In fact almost every diet and exercise routine is completely useless if you don't change yourself! This obstacle is much easier to define but, a lot harder to overcome. Please read on, it could change your life forever!

What are Your Bad Habits?

First, we need to stop blindly jumping into diet plans, cleanses, and new workout trends without taking a look within because its all just a waist of time until you take a look at how you live your life, the habits you have formed, and your responses to the stimulus in your life.

The fact is, especially if you are heavy, that you didn't become the you that you are today overnight. The choices you make on a daily basis cement who you are, and what you look like, over time. Chances are if you are a little overweight or obese you can already thinking of some habits you do daily that plague your ability to achieve long term results.

The nightly cookie, the extra serving of pasta at dinner, the 3 beers after work every Wednesday all work against you as they become a part of your routine. Stop, and take some time to decide where your bad habits are. Identify every last one of them, chances are you already know them, and list them.

How Do You Overcome Them?

Once you have listed your problems, you must come up with a plan on how you are going to conquer these habits.  Its very important to note that this may be a long journey, especially if you have more than a few bad habits to overcome. I recommend you pick one habit to eliminate at a time. and don't think about the next habit to overcome until you kept off the current bad habit for 30 days. Also, don't forget to award yourself when you overcome bad habits. Celebrate your successes and give your self some damn credit for once! Being human is hard, and overcoming all of those human errors we create for ourselves is even harder so treat yourself from time to time.

What Happens When You Overcome Bad Habits

If you are able to use the approach discussed above successfully what you will find is results in overall health and fitness will come slowly. Unlike on the Biggest Loser, change takes time and the great thing is, if you have conquered the bad habits in life to get results, you have a much better chance of maintaining these "gains" you've made over time!

As a trainer for almost ten years now, I can say the great achievers I have worked with have almost always had this approach to fitness and diet! I always like to say "Good health is a journey, not a destination" embrace this great journey and try to improve your bad habits EVERYDAY! Hope you found this helpful!