You Could Add Years to Your Life With This One Simple Habit


A big recommendation I make to all of my clients, especially if their not fans of vegetables, is to get one form of leafy greens in your diet everyday. If you reflect on your day and can say you haven't eaten any vegetables all day, you need to take this challenge seriously. Not only will you notice yourself getting healthier in less than 3o days but you will also improve your overall health in a big way. The versatility of leafy greens will allow you to prepare them in a fashion that will prevent you from ever being bored with eating them.

Lets face it, most of us can use a boost in our vegetable intake as a whole. Personally I eat a lot of fruit but could use an improvement in vegetable servings. Eating a salad or throwing spinach in a smoothie are some easy things I can do everyday that help bridge that gap. If you can keep a habit like this one, its highly likely you will lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, and reduce the overall inflammation floating around in your body. Its simple, and of course only takes a small level of focus for 28 days to become a habit.

If you do decide to take this very valuable advice and embark on this journey, then I want you to focus on making it 30 days. You will notice things like more stamina, energy, and more mental clarity. Although you can only know your overall blood health by test, I can promise you an improvement in those 30 days, if you aren't a big consumer of vegetables.


Lets talk about some ways you can consume leafy greens to keep you from getting bored! First lets start with spinach! As I have mentioned in the past, if you remember, spinach is the chameleon of foods. Which is a fancy way to say it blends in other dishes well! You can mix spinach into sauces, eggs, stir fries, salads, and smoothies, and aside from seeing them, you will not know they are included in the dish! I put spinach in a smoothie 3 times a week, and add to omelettes and spaghetti every time I eat them!

Salads construed of leafy green lettuce, romaine, or kale are great too! These 3 types of leafy greens carry a carry a dark green color, which means they are packed with nutrients that will improve your health in many ways including digestion! You can dress your salads with natural dressings to avoid extra calories and improve the quality of your salad!

Give it a try and thank me later! I have only touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of what there is to know about the benefits of leafy greens, and how to prepare them! Do some research of your own and expand on what you have learned today! You could add years to your life with this one simple habit! Now go buy some salad greens!!