5 Ways to Eat More Spinach

Popeye knew what we has doing when he endorsed spinach regularly as his "magic potion!" Spinach is a vital super food that can make you feel and look younger when consumed regularly! Most of us gag at the site of this food, especially if it is in a can! Good news, I have some advice for you! Read on to learn 5 great ways to implement more spinach into your life!

  1. Eat it Fresh- The canned version is thick, gooey, and has a strong smell, which means it is far from appealing. Buy spinach fresh, from the produce section and you may have a different outlook of this key food.
  2. Add Spinach to Smoothie- In my opinion, every smoothie should have at least a half cup of spinach in it. I like to refer to spinach as the chameleon of foods because it is so great at blending in. When small amounts are put into your smoothie, you will likely not even notice its flavor at all.
  3. Add Spinach to Salad- Spinach is a great salad green. And there are many recipes online to make it really tasty as well.  If you can, keep the salad entirely spinach a couple times a week or add some to your other leafy greens.
  4. Mix Spinach into Almost Any Dish- Again, spinach is the chameleon off food. It will mix in well with a great deal of dishes you cook regularly as well! Spinach goes great in spaghetti,  omelettes, stir fry's, and soups.
  5. Saute It- Scientific study has shown the unique properties of our body prevent us from fully utilizing the nutrients in spinach, and the act of cooking the spinach tames the properties in spinach, that our bodies are trying to block, which allows us to absorb more!  This simple recipe will surprise you! Try it out!