Thanksgiving Survival Guide 2018

Thanksgiving is coming again, and boy did that come fast! This holiday is feared by all dieters, but it doesn't need to be, today I am going to give you a few great strategies that will have you prepared, and confident that you won't take a step back this season! Please read on and make this Thanksgiving great! 


1. Get Full on Meat. Thanksgiving is a day of relaxation and indulgence, and your trainer is giving you the go ahead to loosen your belt a little bit. If you plan on overeating, eat more meat! This choice will prevent you from gaining any pounds and you will still feel that "Thanksgiving Stuffed" feeling too!  

2. Set a Limit. Bottom line, you will gain weight and feel like crap if you overeat. Set a limit on everything you eat and don't eat until you are more stuffed than the turkey! Once you feel satisifed, drink an extra glass of water and that will put you over the top!

3. Avoid Beer- Beer as you know is heavy and "carbilicous"! If you can't handle the in-laws without a drink, make it something light like a vodka seltzer, or drink your spirits on the rocks. 

4. Grazing is Good. Grazing when done correctly is beneficial! Get full on vegetable trays, and dips. Go light on the other typical foods we tend to graze on! This will fill you up before the big feast and prevent you from eating a second helping! (Classic Ricky Mistake)

5. Move! Simple get outside! Go for a walk! Sign up for a pre-turkey day 5k! After dinner, instead of plopping down on a couch, suggest a group walk! Bottom line find some time to move around! You will feel less guilty about the pumpkin pie! 

Ricky Grabow