Modifying Your Behaviors Related to Food


Our success in weight loss, and fitness are hinged on your food consumption, and a lot of the habits we possess require a heightened awareness, increased effort, and discipline. Below are some things you can do to modify your food behaviors. Check them out.

  • Shop for food only when you’re not hungry.

  • Avoid buying problem foods- that is. foods that you may have difficulty eating in moderate amounts

  • Avoid purchasing high-fat, high-sugar food from vending machines and convenience stores.

  • Avoid feelings of deprivation by eating small, regular meals throughout the day.

  • Eat only at set times in one location. Do not eat while studying, working, driving, watching television and so forth.

  • Always use appropriate utensils.

  • Eat mindfully, savoring aromas, tastes, and textures of food.

  • Slow down while eating. Chew food slowly, taking at least 20 minutes to eat a full meal.

  • Stop at once if you begin to feel full. Leave food on your plate or store it for next meal.

  • Keep a food log. Try to identify social or emotional cues that cause you to over eat. Then strategize about nonfood-related ways to cope, such as phoning a friend.

  • Save high calorie, high fat snack foods for occasional treats.

  • Whether at home or dining out, share food with others.

  • Prepare healthy snacks to take along with you, so that you won’t be tempted by foods from the vending machines, fast- food restaurants, and so forth.

  • Don’t punish yourself for deviation from your plan. Everyone makes mistakes, but don’t focus on past decisions rather you should plan out future decisions by setting goals.

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Ricky Grabow