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10-11-19 Notes

Question: Do we need to log on myfitnesspal or can we log on a notepad?

Answer: You can log anyway you please. We want you to do whatever is most convenient for you, so if that means writing it down, please go ahead! The only catch is you will have to bring your log to the gym so a coach can look at what you’ve logged and provide feedback!

Looking for more consistency on your food log, and in general?

Attached is the checklist document that I have been discussing at the gym! This checklist will “game-ify” your process which, could help keep you focused, if you respond well to that type of thing! I have left a few columns blank so that you can add your own challenges in! Print it from here and follow along with it through out the week! This will keep you accountable, if you use it, so USE IT!!!!Au7fwkLcFGLvhWGpCHZKPV0tOVyF?e=nABF6v

10-4-19 Notes

Hi Everyone,

Hope you have been rocking on your food log, and if you are in group and haven’t scheduled your assessment yet, please make sure you get scheduled ASAP! I didn’t receive any questions this week, so I decided to share this great article on “12 Quick Tips for Success with Myfitnesspal”! The tips in this article are helpful for new users, and veterans, so take a look, and be sure to keep on your food log! If you are unsure of how much you should be eating, take a look at this great article on proper portion size! See you soon!

Ricky Grabow

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