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Couch to 5k Training

With our Cream City 5k a little under 2 months away, some of you are probably wondering how to approach training for this event! I've got good news!! You have many options, and plenty of time to prepare yourself! 

FYI- There will be a group of Peak Physique members walking the 5k so you shouldn't feel pressured to run, unless you want to! If you want to run this thing, and need to start from ground zero, meaning you haven't done any kind of running recently, I have a great 9 week program that will have you all prepared to dominate this thing! Follow the link below! Enjoy!  

5 Benefits of Green Smoothies

Recently a few people had mentioned to me they are "sick of eating salads", to that I said, "that happens, and vegetable smoothies are a great way to counter this salad burnout" Substituting a smoothie for a salad is a great compliment since you are still eating raw produce, which means you aren't cooking all of the nutrition from the foods you are eating. 

How to Succeed in 2019

2018 is here, and chances are, you have been thinking about some ways to improve yourself in the new year! I am a big fan of "goals", not necessarily "resolutions". Before the start of each year I set personal, and business goals in hopes to make improvements moving forward! 

5 Ways to Eat More Spinach

Popeye knew what we has doing when he endorsed spinach regularly as his "magic potion!" Spinach is a vital super food that can make you feel and look younger when consumed regularly! Most of us gag at the site of this food, especially if it is in a can! Good news, I have some advice for you! Read on to learn 5 great ways to implement more spinach into your life!

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