The Health Benefits of Apple Juice Powder

What’s the story with Apple Juice Powder?

Apple Juice Powder, which is contained in Peak Vitality’s Berry Blend Capsules, is made by processing the fresh juice of Apple or Malus pumila that belongs to the family Rosaceae. Apples are a rich source of fibers, nutrients, and polyphenols, and there are a ton more benefits! Read on to learn more! 

You Could Add Years to Your Life With This One Simple Habit

A big recommendation I make to all of my clients, especially if their not fans of vegetables, is to get one form of leafy greens in your diet everyday. If you reflect on your day and can say you haven’t eaten any vegetables all day, you need to take this challenge seriously. Not only will you notice yourself getting healthier in less than 3o days but you will also improve your overall health in a big way.

What is a Detox Cleanse

Good Detox Cleanse vs. Bad Detox Cleanse First off, I believe anyone who doesn’t have special diet restrictions should perform a detox cleanse at least once a year. A detox cleanse put simply is a temporary diet modification in which you reduce the foods you eat to their most basic state (Fruits/Vegetables) with the goal […]

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