5 Ways to Get Results in Fitness

1. Exercise Large Muscle Groups

When you exercise, and especially when you lift weights, it is highly beneficial to focus your energy on the large muscle groups of the legs, the muscles that run along the ribs in your back (Latissimus Dorsi), the muscles of your chest (Pectoralis Major, and Minor), and your core muscles. Simply put, you can lift heavier with these muscles, and these muscles require a lot of energy (calories)!

Strategies for Eating Out Safely

10 Strategies for Eating Out Safely Eating out is a constant challenge for most people and having some good strategies can really help you avoid overeating! Check these out and take what you like! 1. Walk from Home or the Office – Pick a restaurant that’s a 10- or 15-minute walk. You’ll get your meal, […]

5 Ways to Stay Ahead of Fall Weight Gain

5-ways-to-stay-ahead-of-fall-weight 1. Record Your Food Intake on a Food Log- Its no secret that writing everything you eat down and compiling your overall numbers stops you from over indulgence. I recommend myfitnesspal.com, but just writing what you eat on a notepad can be helpful when done correctly! 2. Get Outdoors- Our dormant season comes next, […]

What is a Detox Cleanse

Good Detox Cleanse vs. Bad Detox Cleanse First off, I believe anyone who doesn’t have special diet restrictions should perform a detox cleanse at least once a year. A detox cleanse put simply is a temporary diet modification in which you reduce the foods you eat to their most basic state (Fruits/Vegetables) with the goal […]

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