Cooking Raw with Pat

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Is this your year to become a NEW and BETTER and HEALTHIER YOU??

Come and join us Feb 23rd at Peak Physique at 1pm for a Healthy Eating Class with Pat Molter, Cancer Survivor. We will make and sample some yummy and easy to make soups, salads, snacks and of course – desserts!!! All the foods we will prepare are gluten and lactose free and contain NO white sugar. Your handout will also include some vegan main dish meals for you. Have an allergy or a specific need? Please let Ricky know by Feb. 10th so I can incorporate it into the class.

Eating Real Food Gets the Focus off Dieting

A dieting mentality isn't good over the long term.Focusing on real food instead of dieting can be a much healthier, more sustainable and enjoyable way to live.

Instead of focusing too much on weight loss, let weight loss come as a natural side effect of a better diet and improved metabolic health.

Real Food May Reduce Disease Risk

Eating patterns based on whole, unprocessed foods — including the Mediterranean diet — have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

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