Group Classes

Strength and Circuit • boot camp • kickboxing • Step/Core Fusion • Friday Fitness



Strength and Circuit

Strength and Circuit is a class geared towards full body resistance training with a small mix of cardio. Each Strength and Circuit class is capped at 6 participants to ensure you get the proper amount of professional guidance as you workout.

In Strength and Circuit you can expect exercises that target large muscle groups, while providing members a fun variety of challenges. Every time you come to strength and circuit, you can expect a new challenge! This class is designed to get you results in a safe and effective manner.   


Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a challenge that will leave you feeling great every time. The rowers, ropes, weight vests and treadmills are incorporated into workouts regularly in this class. If you attend, expect Intervals, and Tabata Style Workouts! Our goal is to keep you moving and burn calories. Like all of our classes, beginners and experts are all welcome as we can modify any workout to fit your level of experience. Come sweat with us! 

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Kickboxer is a cardio based class that will challenge you to your limit all while teaching you some of the disciplines of the martial arts world! You will leave this class feeling stronger, more confident, and of course tired!

If you have stress, an interest in learning more about self-defense or if you just like a challenging workout, then this is the class for you. Kickboxer is taught on Thursdays at 9 a.m., 5, and 6 p.m.!