Group Classes

Small Group • Circuit Training • Tabata & Intervals




Small Group is very unique in that classes are reserved to no more than 4 members. In this class, you get the attention of a 1 on 1 session with the motivation of a group setting. Small group is specialized to zone in on your individual needs and workouts are easily modified to fit each member. 



Circuit Training focus on full body resistance training with a small mix of cardio. They target the large muscle groups of the body while providing goers a fun variety of challenges. Every time you come to a circuit class, you can expect to learn a new move! This class is designed to get you results in a fast-paced and safe manner.   


Tabata &

Tabata and Intervals is a challenge that will leave you feeling great every time. The rowers, ropes, weight vests and treadmills are incorporated into workouts regularly in this class. Our goal is to keep you moving and burning calories. Like all of our classes, beginners and experts are all welcome as we can modify any workout to fit your level of experience. Come sweat with us!