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MEP’s Challenge 2019!!

The Details

Hello Peak Team! 2019 is approaching quickly and we are about to unleash one hell of a Team MEP’s Challenge to get the year started! The challenge is very simple, you will be grouped into teams of three, and your MEP’s will be compiled from January 1st-March 31st. The team with the most MEP’s will receive a “VIP Party” which is detailed in the column below.

The rules for the challenge are simple. Compile as many MEP’s as you can from January 1st- March 31st, but keep it honest. Stick to wearing your monitor ONLY when exercising! What is exercising? Workouts @ Peak, Shoveling Snow, Cross Country Skiing, Running, etc..

What isn’t exercise? Grocery shopping, cleaning at home, driving to the gym, etc.. If it feels like you may be cheating the rules, you probably are! Also, don’t put your monitor on your pets :)!

What you Could Win

The Peak VIP Party will not be as glamorous as last years Las Vegas Trip, but it will be equally as fun. The VIP party will be centered in West Allis with all expenses covered by Peak Physique. You will have the luxury of being escorted by your personal trainer to several local restaurants and bars and the party will conclude at Potawatomi where each winner will be given free credits for play! All three winners get to bring one person to enjoy the fun! So lets bring in the New Year with a focus on a great challenge that will keep you focused through the first three months of the year! Sign up at the gym today!