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If you suffer from low energy, fatigue, chronic illness, or feel like you don’t eat enough vegetables, these Milwaukee manufactured products might be exactly what you need. Your body will benefit almost immediately and you will feel increased energy after just a few days! You are one tablespoon away from having an overabundance of the nutrients our bodies lack. Give it a try!


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Green Smoothie Powder

Green Superfood powder is a blend of carefully selected whole foods that have been dried at low heat to preserve the nutritional integrity of the foods. The powder includes some of the most nutrient dense green vegetables, algae, wild grasses, and aquatic vegetables. The combination of all of these superfoods promotes healthy aging, and provides defense against short and long term illnesses. 


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Berry Smoothie Powder

Berry Superfood Powder is a raw whole-food immunity-boosting antioxidant supplement. It contains powerful antioxidants proven to protect our cells and slow the aging process while enhancing energy. The synergistic blend of concentrated berries and whole fruits provide you with an overabundance of nutrients that encourage optimum health. The flavor of the Berry Superfood Powder will leave you excited for your next delicious smoothie.


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Green Protein Powder

Green Protein Powder is our best seller, and is very helpful in increasing protein consumption. If you are vegan, vegetarian, or simply just need to consume more protein, you can expect to receive 16 grams of protein from just one scoop of this natural powder. Your body will appreciate an easily digestible punch of protein. Just simply mix into a delicious smoothie, and enjoy.

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