Personal Training

We take great pride in delivering a high quality service in one on one personal training.  Exercise, nutrition and consistent accountability are vital components to this program. You will get the resources you need to achieve the results you want.

Personal training is a limited service - reserved for those who are in the most need of individual coaching.

group classes

Our Group Classes make up a big part of Peak Physique's community! Workouts vary from weight-focused to HIIT interval classes for cardio.  We sweat together, hold each other accountable, and strive for excellence as a workout family!


Flexibility and Mental Health are both crucial elements to overall wellness, which is why Peak Physique offers Yoga twice a week. Our classes are taught by Jodi Cummings, who works with every level of fitness - but is especially good with beginners. She will make you feel comfortable and welcome all while helping you become healthier and happier.


Meet Your Trainer

Unlike traditional fitness centers, at Peak Physique every workout you do is coached by a professional trainer. This ensures you will be pushing yourself mentally and physically to see results in a way that is both safe and motivating.


First Free

Not sure if you’re ready to get fit with Peak Physique? Your first class is on us! Register for your free session in a small group class that fits your time and wellness interests and make a change!

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