Are You Up For a Mini-Triathlon?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to attempt a Triathlon? Me neither!! In all seriousness though, anyone can experience what its like to attempt a triathlon!




Sounds a little crazy to you I’m sure, but, rest assure, you have the ability to do a triathlon, as long as you have the needed equipment, and you modify to your own ability! Lets start with the mini-triathlon below! You can do it in the gym, without the need to change clothes, or brave chaffing!


Row Machine   Beginner- Row 800 Meters    Novice- Row 1,600 Meters     Expert- Row 3,200 Meters

Run/Walk         Beginner- Run/walk 1 mile     Novice- Run/walk 1.5 miles   Expert- Run/walk 2 miles

Bicycle                Beginner- Bicycle 2 miles       Novice- Bicycle 4 miles            Expert- Bicycle 6 miles


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