4 Ways to Kill Sugar Cravings


Sugar can be an absolute plague to you seeing results in fitness. The daily cravings for it, the weekend ice-cream binges, and the constant exposure to it used as an additive cause major over consumption! It is said that the average American consumes over 300 pounds of sugar a year. If this is you, forget about looking your best this summer. You have bigger issues to deal with first. Below are 4 suggestions on how to perhaps overcome the sugar craving and reach new heights in your personal quest for better health.

  1. Sugar Detox 4 Times a Year- A quarterly cleanse is crucial to prevent old habits from coming back and they also prevent new bad habits from manifesting themselves in your body. I am a big believer in cleanses, and believe they truly reboot your body in many ways. During a cleanse you become aware of your addiction to refined sugar, and it is very empowering to resist answering the call. After the first three days those sugar cravings weaken and you will be able to satisfy it with fruits.
  2. Drink More Water- Too many times people consume a significant amount of sugar through soft drinks. Soda, juices, and coffees tend to be loaded with added sugar. These drinks can pack over 3 days worth of sugar in one large cup. A common mistake people make is drinking something like Orange Juice and thinking they are making a healthy choice. Sadly its likely they are not. Check the labels and if you see there is a lot of refined sugar, stop drinking it. In fact, do yourself a favor by sticking primarily to water. In turn your body will be significantly healthier and you will find yourself craving sugar even less.
  3. Eat a High Protein Breakfast- Eating a healthy breakfast has proven to increase metabolism and protein can be very helpful in keeping your body satisfied long after a meal. Without getting too deep into the science of it, your body is able to use protein more effectively as a fuel for your body, than sugar. And this means you won’t be hungry as quickly following your last meal, and you will eat less through the day.
  4. Eat Fruit Instead– Sometimes your body needs sugar. Believe it or not sugar, in its natural state,(not refined sugar) is great for you and is crucial to your body functioning properly. Therefore giving your body the correct kind, from fruit, is very beneficial to your brain function, immunity to sickness, and overall energy levels. Next time you feel that candy bar craving try eating a banana and waiting 20 minutes for it to absorb instead. You may realize you don’t need the candy bar after all!

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