Each Workout Not Created Equal

Each workout should not be created equal! What is meant by this statement? Simple, you should not workout with the same intention every time you exercise. A major issue in the fitness field right now is we are creating an injury culture by presenting a false image and by blindly encouraging the use of technology. Today I want to steer you in the right direction as to how to properly analyze your workouts from week to week. 

One issue with the Heart Rate monitor system and the current fitness culture is, we are encouraging people to exert maximum capacity workouts every time and that’s just not accurate. Having a workout where you are in the “Red Zone” or “Orange zone like at Orange Theory” is great but this is only one form of exercise!

 Variety in exercise is important. Earth shattering sprints do amazing things, but should be complimented with strength training, stretching and proper rest. And while these forms of exercise don’t earn you as many “MEP’s” they all serve a purpose in the process. 

As you move forward and evolve in fitness I encourage you to devalue the importance of murderous, cardio monster workouts and increase the value of doing EVERY workout. The fact is, if you are consistent over a long period of time, take care of your body, and devote focus to your diet, you will improve your health! 

Stick to the process and trust Peak Physique has got your back along the way! We will murder the “MEP’s” and work hard, but we will be smart about it, and we will make sure you are committed to this process for the long term! 

Thanks for reading. 

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