5 Reasons to set goals


In order to achieve physical change in fitness; goals are a crucial part of the transformation process. As it works on a trip to a far destination you cannot just wish for something to be in that destination and be there! You must draw a map that guides you to your destination! 

This “map”, or goal in our case, doesn’t guide you from 100 pounds overweight to elite shape, rather it provides you with a precise set of directions or rules that you must follow in order to be ready for your next turn, or next step in our case.

With it being assessment week at the gym, each of you will be taking a look at your previous goals, and writing new ones to keep you on the path to achievement. Sometimes this process will be repetitive, but sometimes you may find that this goal setting session realigned your focus, and got you back on track! Below are 5 great reasons why you should set fitness goals, and goals for everything for that matter!! Check it out, and I will see you for your goals setting session later this week!


5 Reasons to set goals

1. Goal setters achieve 90% more than non-goal setters! “
This alone should have you pumped to write goals! 90%!! Thats a big number! If you write your goals, and you mean it, big things will come your way!

2.. Goal setting allows you to gain momentum
Every time you scratch another achievement from your list of small goals that lead to your big goal you gain a little momentum, and get a true feeling of achievement! This feeling of achievement is what makes goal setters so successful! That feeling of accomplishment makes them excited to move onto the next one! 

3. Goals take guessing out of the equation
As the old saying goes- “a plan without a goal is just a wish” and this holds so true in fitness! You must have a planned destination of some kind, if you have a desire to change your physical shape! If you don’t have a defined goal, I recommend you take a moment right now, and decide what it is! 

4. Goals remind you what you are to focus on
We all lose our focus from time to time, but looking at your goals regularly helps keep you focused on doing the daily things, like working out and meal prepping, to reach that end goal.

5.  Goals put a timeline on your achievements
When you have a well written goal- there is a definable timeline on when you want to achieve each thing! Knowing this makes your subconscious operate to help you reach that goal! 

People, I realize goal setting isn’t the sexiest thing in the world, but it it crucial to the process so take your time to think of a long term goal, write it down, and  if you are a member of Peak, write out the goals at the gym this week as well! I will do everything I can on my half to help keep you focused! 

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