5 ways to determine if you are at the right gym

Do you want to be confident you have chosen the right gym? Training gyms are popping up all over the US, and the approach to fitness and nutrition can be very different from one gym to the other! Just in Milwaukee alone you can find Ninja Warrior Training Gyms, Mixed Martial Arts Gyms. Crossfit Gym, and Small Group Training gyms, and this is just a few, of the many! Picking the right gym for you can seem impossible!




If you are in the process of joining a gym like this or thinking about hiring a professional trainer. its important to make a calculated decision that will lead you to reaching your goals! After 10 years in the fitness industry I have seen many good and bad training approaches. With my experiences I can give you some great advice that will hopefully help you decide if a gym is worth investing in. 

1. Does the gym or trainer conduct assessments?

In my time in the fitness industry, I see, more often than not that assessments aren’t conducted! This is a big no no. Assessments provide you proof that what you are doing is or isn’t working. This accountability must be present for both you and your gym or trainer. Its also worth noting, that seeing the scale moving, and inches coming off is very motivating and will keep you focused!

2. Does the gym or trainer offer diet support?

If you know me chances are you have heard me say”getting results is 20% workouts, 80% diet. Its a truth I both love and hate knowing that a majority of the time we spend will be on exercise! With that being said, you as a customer are spending a great deal of money for guidance that covers all grounds of wellness. If you aren’t getting proper diet coaching and diet accountability your odds of hitting your goals aren’t great and probably not worth the amount of money you are going to dish out. 

3. Are the workouts planned?

Workouts should always have a direction and a purpose. If you are doing the same type of workouts(tabata everyday for example), same number of reps,  same time scheme, same weights its likely you will plateau and results will come at a snail like pace and you risk injury due to imbalances developed from over using and under using specific muscles. 

Good programs are designed to vary workouts, movements, reps, weight volumes, and intensities. This approach keeps you healthy, and prevents plateaus. Fact is if you are injured or not being challenged you will lose your focus on staying healthy, and that is as wasteful as the money you will spend. 

4. Are the trainers experienced? Do they fit the roll?

Young trainers can be just as good as trainers with 10 years of experience, but often times they are not. I too was admittedly a lousy trainer when I first started. For me and I’m sure many other young trainers It was a matter of “you don’t know what you don’t know” with that being said its safer to let others be the “lab rats” for new trainers. If you do like a younger trainer, do some research and make sure they are educated, trained, and certified. If they have great credentials, and look like they workout, you are probably safe! 

Another thing you should look for is if the coaches and trainers look like they live healthy lifestyles themselves. There are trainers and coaches in the world who don’t live a healthy lifestyle that are great coaches, but they are rare. You are more likely to find a respectable, motivating individual in a coach or trainer that practices what they preach.

5. Can they back their program?

A gym or trainer should be able to back their programs with physical proof. Before/after photos, and testimonials are indicators that the program provided from the trainer or gym works. If you step into a personal training gym, look around and see individuals in good shape with healthy features, and injury free bodies, it is likely that you have found a great place to train!  

Thanks for reading! Hope you all find this useful for future decisions! If you are in Milwaukee and want to check out Peak Physique click ahead, and lets get scheduled! 

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