What I am Grateful for this Thanksgiving

Its thanksgiving week! Lets take a moment to be grateful!


Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all very excited for this great upcoming holiday! Its a time for family, and delicious food! What could be better? Traditionally, it is appropriate to reflect on what you are grateful for in honor of Thanksgiving, and boy I have a lot to be grateful for!

It feels great to express gratitude and I strongly recommend you make a list similar to this! It will make you feel great! Anyway, lets get to it!

1) Family– I am so lucky to have a supportive wife(who puts up with all my crazy ideas and goals), two great dogs, my mom, brother, sisters and all of their families! Thanksgiving is the one holiday we all get together for, and its always so fun to catch up on life, and hear all about what is going on with everyone!

2) The Gym Community- Turns out we are a pretty amazing family too!! It has made me so happy to see some of you hanging out outside of the gym, and just developing bonds that go beyond working out! I am so lucky to be the conduit for the community and I hope we can make this even more of a thing moving forward!

3) New Good Habits in 2019- In early 2019 I made a decision to cut back on listening to sports radio so much, and to start listening to more business podcasts. I have learned so much and can’t believe all of the positive changes that have happened since I started listening to more positive information! Best decision I made all year for sure!

4) Expansion- The gym has grown and continues to evolve into one hell of a place! I was so very nervous to expand, but now it is clear that we made the right choice, and I can’t wait to see where we head moving forward!

5) A Great Community- I am so very grateful that Leah and I ended up in this awesome city!! We love West Allis, and will continue to devote ourselves to improving the city in every way we can! Stay tuned! We are in for big things!

What a great year, what a great life! Take a second and be grateful this week! Chance are you probably have a lot of things in your life that everyday a blessing! Write some thoughts down and tell someone you appreciate them! It will feel great!

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