Strengthening Your Feet

Our feet are our foundation. A weak foundation can cause problems throughout the whole structure. Read on to learn how to strengthen and heal your feet.

By Kade McManus

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Our feet are our foundation. A weak foundation can cause problems throughout the whole structure.

An imbalance in your feet or ankles, can likely be the cause of a host of problems anywhere on the body. Something that starts in your ankle can lead to an imbalance in your knees and hips which can throw off your spine and cause problems all over your body. To prevent this, we want to make sure that any imbalances are evened out and any tight or weak muscles are stretched and strengthened.

Along with imbalances, tight or weak muscles can lead to cramps and uncomfortable pain in your feet from tight shoes or improper walking mechanics.

To address tightness, sore muscles, cramping or pain here are two quick ways to possibly help.

  1. Lacrosse Balls 

If you have access to a Lacrosse ball, placing it on the floor and rolling the 

ball under your foot with pressure to massage the area can help alleviate

soreness and relax muscles on the bottom of your feet. Some other things you 

can use if you don’t have a lacrosse ball would be a baseball, softball, golfball, or 

anything of similar shape and firmness.

2. Ankle Dorsi-flexion

This can be achieved in numerous different ways and it’s really up to you how to

 execute this stretch. Ankle dorsi-flexion is when your toes go up like a dorsal fin 

on a dolphin. (Plantar Flexion would be when your big toe is planted in the 


Plank calf Stretch 

Standing Calf Stretches 

Along with maintenance, it’s also important to strengthen your feet. 

Most people don’t have a workout routine with movements involving foot curls and you probably won’t see your average gym bro sitting next to a squat rack pulling and pushing his feet with different tools to strengthen them, but you may benefit from these which makes them all the more worth it. For strengthening the muscles of your feet as well as your lower leg in general, give these 3 a try!

1.Banded Toe Pulls 

2.Towel Toe Curls 

3.Standing Calf Raises 

Combining the stretching and rolling with the strengthening can likely be the most efficient way to address  pain and weaknesses in your foot and ankle area. Although these may seem like small random exercises to spend time doing, if they produce results then they may be worth it.

This is a very brief summary of possible solutions to foot and ankle problems/pain. Everyone’s body has their own imbalances and weaknesses and they can be for a multitude of reasons. If you notice pain in any of the areas listed above, try a couple of these stretches or exercises to help ease your pain and strengthen your body.

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