The Power of Food in Preventing Inflammation

The power of food is undeniable! Make it a constant priority to continue improving your diet, and your body will thank you!

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I recently had a slight struggle with my nutrition. Nothing crazy, but I stopped drinking my celery juice with lunch for a couple weeks, and I started snacking on sugary treats more than usual. 

The end result was achy joints, fatigue, and a little brain fog. The correlation was too obvious to ignore. Taking an analytical look  it became apparent that my foot aching, my joints being stiff, and my lack of energy was caused by my diet choices.

The increased amounts of sugar, plus the lack of celery juice meant i had increased my consumption of inflammatory foods, and decreased my consumption of anti-inflammatory foods. And it didn’t take long for the pain to present itself. This reminds me that we should all have the goal of using food as medicine.

Yes we need to spoil ourselves now and then, but 80% of the time we should be making food choices that heal our bodies, keep our immune systems strong and bring us closer to whatever our goals are. Anyone who reaches this amazing place would tell you, in the end, its very worth it.

I am happy to report that I was able to dial it in with my food choices about two weeks ago, and guess what!? My heel pain is gone and my joints don’t ache one bit, in fact I just finished a 5 mile run before writing this blog! The power of food is undeniable! Make it a constant priority to continue improving your diet! Your body will thank you!

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