Home Refresh Ideas That Promote Better Health and Wellness

By Camille Johnson

With the health of the world seemingly in a perpetual state of uncertainty, many homeowners are looking for ways to transform their homes into oases that promote improved health and wellness. If you are on board with creating a home in which you can do more and live larger, you may wonder how and where to start. Use these ideas for inspiration, presented to you below by Peak Physique guest writer Camille Johnson.

 Change Up the Color Scheme

According to psychology, the color of your walls can have a huge impact on your mood and emotional well-being. Warm and radiant colors can make you feel happier and more energized, while cooler tones tend to relax and destress. In a dining room, red can stimulate appetite and conversation, but it can cause stress in bedrooms and family rooms. Work with a professional to identify appropriate paint colors for each room and give your whole home a paint refresh. Because painting is such a big and detail-oriented job, consider hiring a professional. 

Declutter To Destress

If you feel out of control, stressed, and anxious in your home, stop and take a good, hard look at your space. Is it overly cluttered with stuff you either don’t use or don’t need? If so, the stuff may be the cause of your mental unrest.

 According to AdultMentalHealth.org, clutter can compromise your focus, attention, motivation, and cognitive function. Decluttering, on the other hand, can give you a renewed sense of control over your life and help you feel more competent and efficient. What’s more, decluttering, cleaning, and tidying up power cords and cables will also help you create a safer and more productive environment, particularly when you’re working from home.

 Decluttering is hard, especially if you’re a particularly sentimental person. To work through the process, use this ridiculously thorough guide to decluttering.

 Add a Plant … or Several

Indoor plants have several proven benefits on both physical and mental well-being. They boost air quality, encourage healthy eating habits, promote exercise, improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety and increase attention span. Once you remove items you no longer want or use, you’ll have plenty of space to place health-promoting greenery throughout your home.

 Create a Home Gym

Exercise is one of the best ways to boost your physical and mental health, but with some gyms operating on odd hours or not at all, you may find it difficult to work up a sweat during your free time. Whether due to lack of motivation, lack of an area to work out or both, building a home gym can be the solution you need. 

If you have a basement, renovating all or part of it to create a home gym is a smart use of the space. Because a quality home gym requires careful planning, it may be in your best interests to work with a reliable contractor to reduce headaches. How much you should budget for the project depends on the materials you prefer to use, where your home is located, and to what extent you want to change the space. If you plan to add carpet, you will also have to factor in the cost of subfloor installation to prevent mold buildup.

Buy New

For many people, simply moving to a new location is the best and most cost-efficient way to start anew. If you believe this is the case for you and your family, work with a local real estate professional to find a home that best compliments your health and happiness.

With the right upgrades, your home can be an oasis. Whether you opt to change your paint scheme or add a basement gym, do what you need to turn your home into a place that promotes optimal health and well-being.

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