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Have you ever arrived at the gym in a bad mood? Maybe something happened that caused you to react in a negative manner before your workout.

A bad mood is the worst, and if you have ever come in to a workout in a bad mood, chances are you know that a challenging workout can turn that bad mood around quickly. Read up on why working out in this situation is absolutely the right choice!

When most people think of strength training they think of big bodies lifting heavy weight constantly putting strain and stress on their body through grueling workouts.

While this can definitely be a way of training that some people enjoy, others may not find the clangin’ and bangin’ of weights enjoyable.

Luckily, strength training can be done in a variety of ways. Click ahead to learn how strength training can benefit you and almost everyone!

Weird question for you …When was the last time you got together with friends or family and had some fun?! I wanted to ask because there’s important research I was reading about that shows that social time can help you live longer. Click ahead to learn more about telomores and how addressing your stress can keep your telomores long…

Online training and at-home fitness experiences have become a new trend in recent years. Last year covid-19 forced Peak Physique into the world of online training, and we have been working to create a worthwhile experience that can deliver results from anywhere in the world.

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