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Fall is pomegranate season!! Adding pomegranate to your diet could revitilize your energy and improve your health significantly.

The only problem is pomegranates are seasonal and digging the seeds from the fruit is a messy, timestaking process. For this reason pomegranate powder is a much more convenient easy way to obtain the health benefits of pomegranate! Read up on some of the amazing benefits of pomegranate powder.

How To Kill A Virus Onsite

It’s that time of year again. Covid, flu, and cold virus’s are making their way through our population. There are many ideas of how we can prepare and protect ourselves from exposure some ideas may be folklore, some ideas may be worth exploring. This blog explores “creating your own fever” to kill a virus! Check it out.

Thanksgiving is a time when we should all take inventory on the great things we have in our lives! In this special Thanksgiving blog I am going to reflect on 6 amazing things that happened in 2022, so far. I highly recommend you all taking a little time to sketch out some of the amazing highlights on your year so far! Journaling can be very theraputic!

Overall coffee has a reputation as a relatively healthy beverage that even has a few benefits, but is it actually plaguing your health and making you put on weight? You might be surprised to learn consuming coffee could be the underlying cause for joint pain, chronic fatigue, weight gain and even low Lobito. Read up to learn how coffee could be your own worse enemy.

My Fitness Manifesto

This manifesto has two intentions

1) to have written on paper the plans Peak Physique has, in the future, to more effectively impact the lives of our members

2) and to attract like-minded fitness professionals in hopes to join forces.

Many people have spent the bulk of the last two years cooped up at home. For some, this may have led to a lack of confidence or a fear of reentering the world. If you're worried about getting back out there and reaching your goals, it may be time for a few changes to help you feel like yourself once more. Here, Peak Physique discusses six areas to switch up for the boost you need to start interacting with the outside world again.

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